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Ava Reese · Tampa Escort

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My name is Ava Reese, and I am located in the Tampa Bay area of FL. I spent some time away from the area, and now I am back under a new name, for privacy reasons. :)

The stresses of this life can really get to a man. The hard work you put in. The busy life of the city. The pressures at home. The great thing is, I know how to take care of you and put your mind at ease.

Enter through my door of possibilities, and leave your inhibitions behind. From the first moment of eye contact between you and I, there isn't any looking back at that point. The two of us will be just be, existing as one, ready for the amazing time we will have.

Flexibility makes it simple, and I possess all the capabilities and talents that you'll ever need. This little redhead is more intuitive to a man's needs than anyone else in the Tampa Bay area. Pleasure is a certainty, and sensual times await us.

The shapely curves of a gorgeous woman are closer than you think. Once you're in, you'll be begging for more in no time. A healthy glow for a real gentleman. That's only at first glance. What comes after that will prove to beguile you and knock your socks clean off your feet.

Let the sensual times wash over you, as I'll help you discover all the incredible things that I know you're capable of as a strong, passionate man. The hottest desires are the ones we keep inside, and let out only on special occasions.

Allow me to fulfill your wildest fantasies that exist deep in your heart and soul. Reach out to the mysterious world that I live in, for I know you yearn to be in it with me.


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