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Nikita Lin · Tampa Escort

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Your Sensual Petite Treat

My name is Nikita and I am pleased to make your acquaintance. If a little fun is all you seek, then I am not your girl. However, if you are open to exploring something deep within you, may it be pleasure, adventure, or a bit of an escape, then you've found me. Who am I? Hopefully the girl that can make you feel renewed. I want to invigorate all of your passion and senses, make you feel both calm and excited like standing at the edge of a beautiful waterfall.You take in all that's around you...but a part of you is saying "dive in". Well go ahead, dive in. Say hello, and take a chance at this encounter.

A sensual petite treat with an unquenching thirst for adventure and connection. I am elegant, well mannered, and most importantly, discreet. Simple things and complex people are all that make me happy. I strive to make others as happy as I am. I am not the type of girl who will go through "the motions" and our date will never ever feel mechanical. I am a natural pleaser and I am never in a rush. Getting to know me in person, you will find that I am seductively sweet. I enjoy pulling people into my world and letting them experience all that I have to offer. So let's create something memorable.

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