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Sarah Page · Tampa Escort

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She will ignite your senses with her Extravagant nature It’s time to experience the rare, extremely soothing aura that is Sarah Page...

Relaxing at the restaurant bar after a long day at the office, a luscious redhead walked through the door. She was put together from head to toe. I looked over her long legs on that voluptuous body and started feeling a fire igniting from within. A seductive glow flowed from those exotic eyes which met mine from across the room, she smiled….. that’s the smile they talk about. She exudes everything you want to know… her classic attire makes its way to the chair beside mine and finally the sweet smell of Sarah Page engulfs all my senses…

Then it hits you, she’s yours and from that moment it’s all about you….


Sarah here to share a few words about who I am…

I am that woman... and in the same note I am so down to earth that the moment you meet me you will giggle at the nerves you had once felt. I have an uncanny ablity to put one at ease.. My goal truly is making you happy, after all that’s what girlfriends are for. Right?

I am a confident, professional and mature beyond my years companion with a playful sense of humor. I adore the art of banter and find that it builds over time. Music speaks to me in so many ways and I enjoy when my friends share what music speaks to them as it's an avenue of me understanding the depth of who they are..

-A Glass of wine over a fine dinner with live music is the kind of romance that melts this woman's heart... and if you dance with me, I'd be completely smitten


This redhead is ISO elite gentleman, Who enjoy spending time with stunning women.

I stand 5'6 without heels, I have spent a lot of time in the gym and have the muscle density to show for it... although I am still a lady in everyway you will marvel at the art you get to hold..

check out my website and reviews.. xoxo Sarah~

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